Stripping and Waxing

Stripping and Waxing

Practical and Cost Effective

Are your floors worn and dull and in need of some care?  Dirt, foot traffic, and sun exposure can damage your floors permanently.

Let our floor care specialists get to work and bring your floors back to life.  VeriClean Springs will design a practical and cost-effective floor care program to meet your individual site requirements.  With proper Waxing and Stripping, your floors will maintain their shine and lessen the impact of everyday wear and tear.

It’s proven that companies that burnish (High-Speed Polish) their floors on a regular basis save money on their janitorial costs.  Burnishing reduces the number and frequency needed to strip, wax, and recoat.  It also makes the floor more resistant to soils and stains and enhances wax appearance.

Why Clean Your Floors?

A quality floor service will bring longevity to your floors and keep them looking nice year-round.  We offer first class floor cleaning services for all floor surfaces.  We use the highest quality waxes and apply the maximum amount of coats for extended wear and improved gloss!

The appearance and cleanliness of your office impacts your work environment, the employees who spend their time there, and how potential clients and customers perceive your company.  A clean office space represents organized, clean and efficient work.  The floors of your office are a big part of the entire environment of your work space.

VeriClean Springs maintains the floors of business lobbies, busy apartment buildings, high traffic school cafeterias, etc. Let us do the same for you!